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Welcome to the beautiful tributary streams of Northwest Pa.
Hi, my name is Kevin ( The Weekend Guide)
and I would like to introduce you to the
beautiful tributary streams of Northwest Pa.
For some great steelhead and brown trout
fishing. I am a registered / licensed
guide for the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania's fish & boat commsion
and have access to several private
and public tributary streams here in
Northwest Pa.

After fishing these streams almost daily from Sept. thru April for more then 30 years with ultra-light and fly rod set ups I have learned alot about the steelhead that run these streams here in Northwest Pa.

I recently guided for a eleven year old boy named Eric ( pictured at the bottom right) who came fishing with his dad. This was only the second steelhead he had ever caught with a fly rod set-up. The fish measured over 28" and weighed almost 9 pounds. So bring your kids fishing, it's FREE ( see guide prices for details) and I will guarantee it will be the most fun YOU will ever have.

Here's hoping you alwasy keep a tight line and thank you for consedering the Weekend Guide as your guide on the beautiful streams of Northwest Pa.


The Weekend Guide

Kevin L Goodwill


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